Welcome to Iloilo National High School

Secondary School

Luna St., La Paz, Iloilo City, Iloilo City, Philippines, 5000


Now let our glad voices heartily ringing out, Waken the echoes both far and near, Let the song we sing recall Days we've passed in this hall, Happy high school days to all Days to memory dear.

Days that we have been spending together Days of fair and stormy weather Each day that passes once more declares That no school, with our school compares For our school's the finest, the first and among them all the best, Our standard of study and sport takes the lead of all the rest; We're proud of our high school and the name she bears.
(Repeat Part I)

To our High School each one of us will be true To our High School loyal we'll be thro' and thro' Though the years may dim our recollections With the changes time may bring. Yet your name and fond affection we will ever sing. We are ever ready for your cherish'd sake, The sacrifice of self and selfish little ambitions to make We shall strive so that at the campus or class, In glory and in honor our High School shall ever surpass. We shall strive on campus and in class That in honor none our High School shall surpass.